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For us to accommodate many air breathers who need to replace their  Carbon filters at this period,  we will be limiting the sale of the The Sqair Carbon filter replacement to one (1) Carbon filter purchase per Sqair owner. This is to give chance for others to breathe safer air too. You’re so awesome for understanding.

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Air purifiers for the COVID-19 Virus?

Air purifiers with HEPA filters like Smart Air’s can filter the COVID-19 coronavirus.

What is activated carbon?

HEPA filters are designed to capture particles like the small PM 2.5 particles. Activated carbon, though, captures odors and gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC is a big category and includes harmful carcinogens like formaldehyde and benzene.

sqair carbon filter what is carbon
Smartair sqair Carbon filter

Smartair sqair Carbon filter captures more pollutants with a carbon filter

Smartair sqair Carbon filter Captures gases and smells

Does everyone need a carbon filter?

Not necessarily. Not all homes have dangerous levels of harmful gases or VOCs that would call for a carbon filter. VOCs are more common in homes:

  • with recent home renovation or repainting
  • with smoke or other offensive odors
  • near a source of gas pollution like a factory

If you have inflammation or asthma symptoms, you may also consider using a carbon filter.

Purifier companies have a financial incentive to convince people to buy carbon filters. They make more money if they can scare people into buying carbon. We won’t do that. Check the facts and data first before spending your money.

Does activated carbon really work?

To answer this question, Smart Air ran tests with an Industrial Scientific MX6 iBrid gas detector that can detect VOCs and a host of harmful gases. In an enclosed 4.14m2 porch, they lit three cigarettes (known to emit formaldehyde and benzene), turned on a Cannon fan with a carbon filter, and tracked VOC concentration. Smart Air also ran a control test of a fan with no carbon attached. The results (left) showed the carbon layer effectively reduced VOC concentrations.

Carbon Test
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