Blueair Classic 400 Series Particle Filter


  • Genuine Blueair Replacement Filter is compatible with Blueair Classic 203, Blueair Classic 270E, Blueair Classic 303, Blueair Classic 201, Blueair Classic 250E, Blueair Classic 215B, Blueair Classic 210B, Blueair Classic 205
  • Particle filter reduces pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, viruses and bacteria.
  • Reccomened to change filter once every 6 months, or dependent on usage. This filter be recycled after it’s changed.
  • Energy saving Blueair air filters save energy due to a low-density design and requiring less pressure to push air through the filters. The filters are also 100% recyclable, so the only thing you’re adding back into the environment is clean air.

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