Blueair Cabin P2i


The Blueair Cabin P2i adds smart sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to deliver clean air for the ride. The fan speed adjusts automatically based on laser particle sensor readings to maintain air quality at all times. You can also get over-the-air updates via the Blueair Friend app on your smart device. With Cabin P2i you’ll never have to dread being stuck behind a bus again.

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Blueair Cabin P2i in a car

Cabin P2i

There’s no better way to be reassured that everyone in your vehicle is always breathing air free from city smog and harmful substances like PM 2.5, pollen, dust, benzene, tire wear, industrial emissions and formaldehydes that evaporate from interior carpets and upholstery.

An intuitive, no-look interface, reassuring feedback, and safe, secure placement minimize distractions and work to keep the driver’s eyes on the road.

Blueair Cabin P2i packaging box

The air on the road can be 15 times worse than the air away from the road, but Cabin air purifiers can purify the air inside your car, trucks and RV in less than six minutes and keep it smelling fresh– without using allergy causing perfumed sprays. The secret is a compact, mobile version of Blueair’s HEPASilent™ technology, the same market-leading technology trusted by millions of people to purify the air in their homes and offices.

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