Qingping Air Monitor Lite

5 metrics·High accuracy sensors·Bluetooth gateway·Compact design






Thousands of Breathing Every Day, Air Quality Matters a Lot

Clean and fresh air calls for your attention if you want your home to be healthy for you and your family. CO₂ has its reputation to show whether the air is fresh enough, and high level CO₂ would lead to drowsiness. The particles also matter, especially the fine dust particles such as PM2.5, may infiltrate into our cardiovascular system and lead to serious health consequences.

5-in-1 Air Monitor

It tracks 5 major factors of the indoor air quality, including PM2.5, PM10, CO₂,
temperature and humidity.

PM2.5, PM10

Monitor particle pollution and
turn on the air purifier in time.


Consider the CO₂ is the indicator of whether the air is fresh. When the CO₂ is high, open the window or turn on the air exchanger.

Temperature and Humidity

Monitor the temperature and the humidity of your room. Turn on the humidifier, air conditioner or other environmental appliances to make the room more comfortable.

Read the Air, Take Actions to Have a Healthier Living

Monitor the CO₂ level of your office, ventilate in time to improve your working efficiency.

* Our breathing plays a major role of adding CO₂ into the indoor air, and when the CO₂ level is high in a small space such as a bedroom or an office, we will feel drowsy.

Monitor the temperature and humidity of the baby’s room, pre-set automation rules and the environmental appliances will be triggered to make the room more comfortable automatically, therefore the baby will sleep better.

Know the Air from a Distance

Through the colors of the indicator, you will know the
air quality, the temperature and the humidity level of
your room, with a glance from a distance.

* The combination of indicating colors for PM2.5, PM10,
CO₂, temperature and humidity are different individually.

Tap and Slide, Simple and Easy

With a touch bar on the top of the air monitor, you may tap or slide to switch the readings as smoothly as to operate a touch screen.

Air Inlet Grille, Improves the Efficiencies of the Sensors

The air inlet grille design at the back would enable more
sufficient contact between the sensors and the air.

Works with Apple Home and Mi Home

Compatible with many smart devices to make your
home a smarter one.

Remote Access, Threshold Alert

You may check out the data remotely through Mi Home or Apple Home* anytime and anywhere.

* To remotely access the data with Apple Home, you need to set up HomePod or Apple TV as a home hub.

Also a Bluetooth Gateway for Mi Home

t receives the broadcasting signals of Mi Home BLE accessories, and transmits them to the server, so you can check out the data or set up automation rules remotely.

Hey Siri

Qingping Air Monitor supports Siri*.

* Needs to be added in Home app first.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery USB-C Charging Port

You can plug it in USB power all the time. With a 2000mAh lithium battery
built-in, the standby time reaches 7 hours long.

Palm Size, Compact Design

It weighs only 143 g, as light as a small apple.

Easy to Fit in

Simple design with white frame and a rounded edge screen,
easy to fit in with other items in your room.

Pixel style UI design shows on a clear OLED screen, enables bigger visible angle and more fun.
Stable on the desk with a soft rubber base.
Dark-green air inlet grille at the back.
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