Qingping Air Monitor


Comprehensive indoor air monitoring·High precision sensors·HD touchscreen·Automation


Take Your Breathing Seriously

Comprehensive indoor air monitoring · High precision sensors · HD touchscreen · Automation

Get to the Bottom of the Air

There’re multiple factors in indoor environments affecting human health and comfortother than temperature and humidity, such as tVOC and CO₂.






Tips: tVOC and CO₂

tVOC refers to total volatile organic compounds, containing thousands of compounds. It may contain irritating gas, part of it may have negative effects on human health. In short, we recommend open windows or turn on ventilating devices when tVOC is high.

CO₂ (carbon dioxide) is a common compound existing in the air. Human breath is the main cause of CO₂ increase in indoor environments. People may feel sleepy when CO₂ concentration is high. Open windows or turn on air ventilating devices can reduce CO₂ efficiently.

Palm Size, Compact Design

It weighs only 143 g, as light as a small apple.

Two-tone Color Aluminium Outer Casing

White·Black Superior texture, matching different decors.

Unparalleled Performance

· Fast
· Accurate
· Less drift in long-term use

1.2GHz 4-core A7 processor

Multi-mode compensation algorithm


Works with Qingping+ App

Check out readings and recommendations at any time, anywhere.

Independent Monitor, Judges Air Quality More Objectively

The built-in sensors of air conditioners, air purifiers, and fresh air systems can only detect the air quality in the small range around the device, which is not the room’s actual condition.
Put your air monitor in places where you have more concern, it will show you the objective result.

Upgradable, Keep Moving Forward

Like a smartphone, you can upgrade the device OTA to get new features.

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