Aqblue Face Masks

AQblue masks are your best choice for air pollution and virus protection. AQblue masks come in 3 sizes (Large, Medium, and Small) to fit all ages (3+) and face types. AQblue masks filter over 95% over PM0.3 and over 99% of PM2.5.

AQblue masks are designed with comfort and color in mind. They use a soft foam and proven design to keep the mask tight against your face without touching your mouth. Ventilation valves keep you cool and keep CO2 out of the mask. AQblue comes with a wide variety of colors to choose from so you can match your mask to your style.

About AQblue

AQblue (Malta-EU) was started in 2015 by American entrepreneurs, Jeff Bauer and Thomas Druk, while living at ground zero for air pollution, in Beijing, China. Finding that many of the pollution masks available were uncomfortable, untrustworthy, and uninformed, they set out to design a better air pollution mask for children and adults and built their own mask manufacturing factory to do it.

After more than a year of rigorous laboratory and consumer testing, the team at AQBlue created a mask that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time without sacrificing filter efficiency.

AQblue was founded on the idea of creating a modern pollution mask, not only in the sense of our mask’s technology and features, but also in our goals related to social and environmental responsibility.

AQblue also works to reduce the mask’s environmental impact through our factory’s plastic recycling initiatives. Great pollution masks, made by a responsible company, and produced with an American level of quality assurance is what makes AQblue truly special.